PT Peroksida Indonesia Pratama

The First Producer of Hydrogen Peroxide in Indonesia


1. As Bleaching Agent for Textiles
Hydrogen Peroxide is the most appropriate and efficient whitening agent for pure cotton textiles or polyester-and-cotton mixed textiles.



2. As Bleaching Agent for Pulps and Papers
Hydrogen Peroxide has a number of outstanding qualities as bleaching agent for chemical pulp or mechanical pulp.




3. Recycling Process of Used Papers
Hydrogen Peroxide is applied in de-inking process on used papers to be untilized as raw materials for newspaper or magazine papers in paper factories.



4. As Whitener for Wood and Rattan
Hydrogen Peroxide has a number of distinctive qualities as bleaching agent for wood, rattan or bamboo.



5. As Peroxide Additives
Hydrogen Peroxide is used as additives in various peroxide mix like natrium perborate, natrium carbonate peroxihydrate, (material for detergents), methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, buthyl hydroperoxide, benzoil peroxide etc.



6. As Composition of Various Chemicals
Hydrogen Peroxide is used in the composition of various chemicals like mix of epoxy, amenoxide, hydroquinone, catchecol, as well as stimulator for vulcanizing process and also used as one of the components in the processing of hair tonics and cosmetics.



7. Metal Etching
Hydrogen Peroxide is applied in the process of metal etching for copper or mixed copper.




8. Disinfectant for Packaging Process
Hydrogen Peroxide is applied as disinfecting component in the process of packaging of milk, juice etc.




9. Water Treatment
Hydrogen Peroxide is used in the treatment process of polluted-waste water including the elimination of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Phenilics, Cyanides and other free radicals in waste water.